Director’s message

The friendship between China and Thailand dates back to ancient times, and the expression of “China and Thailand as one family” is a genuine epitome of our bilateral relationship. Under the care of the leaders of the two countries, the strategic mutual trust between the two sides has constantly been deepened. The cooperation between the two countries in politics, economy, culture, tourism, education, science and technology has led abundant fruits, bringing increasing well-being to our people. China and Thailand have always stood firmly together and extended each other support and assistance during the trying times, be it the Asian financial crisis, the Wenchuan earthquake in China, the Indian Ocean tsunami, or the COVID-19 we are facing now.

Over the past 7 years since its inauguration, with the support of leaders and the general public of both countries, China Cultural Center in Bangkok has carried out colorful and diverse cultural activities, teaching and training courses, tourism promotion programs, exchange of ideas and information services. The cultural exchanges and tourism cooperation between the two countries have played a positive “window and bridge“ role, contributing to deepening mutual understanding between the two peoples and further promoting friendly relations between the two countries.

With a concept of “quality, accessibility, friendship and cooperation”, China Cultural Center in Bangkok will be continuously committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation in fields of culture and tourism between China and Thailand, providing heartfelt and thoughtful services to all those in concern of the development of Sino-Thai relations, work together with all walks of life to further strengthening our “Familial Affection”.

Thanks for your concern and support to Sino-Thai cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation. You are welcome to visit China Cultural Center in Bangkok frequently and I hope you will become a partner or outstanding member of the cultural center. Your valuable comments and suggestions for our work are much appreciated.